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Embarking on a new kitchen project can appear daunting so you’ll want to ensure that you appoint the expertise of a Rutland Kitchens retailer who will be able to deliver the kitchen you desire within the budget you have.

Specialists In Design

Our retailers have a wealth of experience in design and are highly skilled in creating kitchen designs that will not only optimise space, but designs which will create a perfect haven for cooking, dining and entertaining, a haven which accurately reflects the needs of your lifestyle. 
This expertise together with the diverse, on-trend range of kitchens within the Rutland Kitchens range will guarantee that you have the perfect kitchen to complete your home. 
For inspiration and to see how creative our retailers are, check out our ‘Real Kitchen Projects’ which showcases previous projects. 

Experts in Products & Trends

As well as having extensive knowledge of our ranges, your Rutland Kitchens retailer can also advise on various other aspects of your kitchen to include appliances, how to choose the most suitable worktop material and even guidance on choosing door handles and overall colour schemes in line with what’s currently on-trend.  Our retailers offer a bespoke service from the outset which will ensure they have a thorough understanding of your specific needs and this will be taken care of at the initial consultation.  Your kitchen will be in the hands of an expert who will take your ideas, add these to their knowledge and collectively transform this into a real life kitchen you’re proud of.

Experience Means Knowledge

Our retailers are designing and advising people on all types of kitchens projects daily.  Whether it’s a small kitchen in a townhouse or loft apartment or a large open plan kitchen in a modern new build project, requirements and budgets will vary greatly and because no two projects are the same, it stands to reason that with experience comes knowledge.  At the earlier part of the process, you’ll have the opportunity to browse the retailers showroom to discover even more ideas and designs and you’ll soon discover what makes Rutland Kitchens the leading premium kitchen brand on the market. 

A One Stop Shop

Many of our independent retailers will provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ solution for your entire project.  Whether its services such as electrics and plumbing over and above the actual kitchen doors or worktops, our retailers are best placed to take care and manage the entire project for you from start to finish.  This will begin with an initial consultation to understand your needs, right through to the design phase, project planning and management and off course the final installation stage.