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Windsor Shaker Porcelain

WINDSOR SHAKER is a popular type of cabinetry door design that is composed of five pieces and features a recessed center panel for depth and dimension. The Cabinet Face’s Solid Wood Shaker parts are completely made out of solid wood which offers a high level of quality and durability. At a glance Style Modern Finish […]

Jefferson Mussel

In this beautiful lodge that was once part of the Clevedon Court Estate every care has been taken to compliment the features that were and are existing in this pretty kitchen. An original water pump was kept and so were the uneven walls and original shelving creating a cosy unique kitchen very much in keeping […]

Aldana Colour Matched

Clients were in the process of renovating their beautiful family home, they wanted a modern contemporary kitchen. A large kitchen island was the key focal point of the kitchen, it is a place that they can prepare food and cook for the family. The designer has included plenty of storage in the island. Colour Matched […]