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Its high quality mirror like, flawless finish makes Strada one of the most popular gloss choices on the market. 

Make the ultimate contemporary style statement with the chic, handless doors of Strada Gloss. A high quality product with an exceptionally flawless, mirror-like finish, you can use internal and external curves to create a high-end, stylish kitchen.

At a glance
StyleContemporary & Modern

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Stylish Simplicity

The clean lines and simplistic design makes Strada gloss a popular choice for those wanting a real contemporary feel. Choose grey tones for your wall tiles and worktops, this works beautifully with the Strada porcelain gloss.

Available Colours

Our carefully selected palette of paints and stains can be used in any combination to achieve just the right look for your dream kitchen.

Colour Matching Service

Have you seen ‘just that right’ paint colour for your kitchen that you simply must have? If so, our Colour Match Service will match it for you.
Simply provide a RAL (European Standard) or BS (British Standard) paint colour and we will match it, true to your specifications.
Does not apply to the following ranges; Dawson, Kelso, Kensington, Rezana, Windsor Shaker, Strada Gloss, Zola Gloss and Zola Soft-Matte