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Feel inspired with our collection of fond food memories! All about indulgence, perfection and proper home cooking, the our ‘Lets talk recipes’ cookbook feature delivers on that promise!

Mark McNulty – “Since Ella, my daughter was 5 her and I love to make my cupcakes. It is a recipe given to me by a friend who owns a local café. To this day we still make this recipe, and she is now 13 years old. It is one of those rare times that we put the phones down, turn off the tv, concentrate on one task, have fun, chatting and getting messy turning these ingredients into the tastiest buns. We then knock the doors of our neighbours and share the cupcakes with them. Simply a great way to bond with my daughter.”



Cupcake tray
Muffin cases
Disposable piping bags
Pipping nozzle


Medium free-range eggs
Neills self-raising flour
Caster sugar
Real butter
Icing sugar
Vanilla essence


Set the oven to 180 degrees
Put all muffin cases in muffin tray (set to one side)
Weigh out and into a bowl:
6oz margarine
6oz caster sugar
Mix these two until creamy white
Break 3 eggs into a cup and beat them together, then add half of this to your margarine and sugar mix
Mix again until all is combined
Weigh out 6oz self-raising flour and gradually add this to your mix
Then add the remaining egg and 1 tea spoon or vanilla extract
Mix slightly until all combined and a good consistency, do not overmix
Using a dessert spoon, spoon the mixture into the cupcake papers, half filling each one
Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes
They are ready when the sponge bounces back when you press slightly
Take out of the oven and remove cupcakes, allow them to cool

Once cool!
Mix 3oz of butter mix until softened
Add 7oz of icing sugar
Add ½ spoon of vanilla
Add in a few drops of milk or water, don’t add too much too soon or it will go runny
Fill you icing bag and start icing!

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