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From the overall style to the more practical elements of kitchen design, layout and even appliances, one thing’s for sure, you’ll want your kitchen to be both functional and fabulous.


To balance your desired look with a practical kitchen design and to make the journey less daunting, follow our simple kitchen planner steps to create your own unique ‘Rutland Kitchens’ design: 

Using your kitchen space

Your kitchen needs to suit your lifestyle so you need consider what’s right for you. If it’s a social space for entertaining, somewhere for the family to chill out in the evenings or somewhere to test your culinary skills, you need to think about this at the initial kitchen design stage.
So ask yourself what the main uses of your kitchen will be.

Kitchen layout

Regardless of how beautiful your kitchen looks, organisation and layout is essential. The main kitchen zones, otherwise known as the traditional ‘kitchen triangle’ needs careful consideration.

Your fridge, sink and cooker sees the greatest level of activity so these should be easily accessible alongside your worktop space too. Check out our Kitchen Layouts advice section for more information.

Overall Kitchen Style & Look

Traditional country kitchens, minimalist modern kitchens, wooden kitchens, chic glossy kitchens… the options for kitchen styles are endless.  But what suits your home and your personality?

Kitchen islands can add a touch of luxury, plate racks and pastry benches can give your space that traditional kitchen twist and curved kitchen doors can give it that contemporary edge.

Match your personality to your kitchen style. 


Your kitchen is an important investment and the cost can vary greatly. Most of your kitchen budget will likely go towards things that you can’t live without, ie. cabinets, appliances, worktops and other costs can be comprised of installation, interior design, flooring and lighting. There are many different brands available on the market for items such as appliances and worktops. Try and establish what the most important aspects of your kitchen will be in terms of what you’re prepared to spend the most money on within the budget that you’ve set.  With professional help from an experienced kitchen designer, all your basic needs should be addressed.  

Kitchen Design Advice

Designing your new kitchen can be overwhelming with so many options to consider. Once you’ve thought about the points above, you should be in a better position to understand what’s required from your new kitchen.  

Make a note of what you like in terms of style, layout, room size and even images of similar kitchens that you like. To help with this, check out our ‘real kitchen projects’ to view recent ‘Rutland Kitchens’ projects, or why not design your own desired look using our simple online kitchen planner. These coupled with the advice from an approved Rutland Kitchens retailer, will ensure that you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.